Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers day was so great.  

The kids ran into my room this morning, and walked me to the kitchen with my eyes closed.  They couldn't wait to show me the beautiful breakfast they had set up.  Then they promptly asked if they could "share"  my hot cocoa.  They both got straws and drank it until there were about 5 drops left in the bottom,  then Carson said "K mom!  You get the rest!"  Quin didn't agree though,  and quickly sipped the last drops up.

The kids made these bags for me at preschool.  Each bag had a juice (which they both begged to drink the day they brought the bags home), an oatmeal packet, and a banana.  The poem on the front said something cute about breakfast in bed.  Quin told me that she put brown hair on hers because my hair is brown.  She was very proud of that.

Me and my kiddos.  I always hate taking these pictures,  but I love looking back at pictures of me and the kids through the years...  So I make myself take them.

Hope ya'll had a great one!  Happy Mothers day to all the wonderful mothers, and mothers to be!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Wow its been long time huh?  Like 5 months!

Ever since the baby came,  I have been a little out of sorts.  Three has been hard.  Not hard in that it's hard to take care of three kids,  just hard because I have ZERO time.  NONE.  Every spare moment I did have,  has been zapped by the extra attention needed by Owen.  BUT,  things are slowly getting back to normal,  and I have been able to squeeze in a few extra things here and there.

I was pretty sure I was done with blogging since I had no time,  but the last few days as I have been going through pictures,  and realizing that I have NOTHING written about ANY of them,  I have been getting the itch to actually document some of this stuff.  Maybe?  We will see.  I started looking through my old posts and just loved being able to read what I was thinking at the time.  So it would be nice to try and keep up with that again.  I have to apologize for the spelling and grammar thing too.  Usually when I write these things, it's so late,  and I'm so tired,  that I slap them up and never look back.  ...Until like 5 months later.  There have been some doozy's,  ooops!  Just lazy I guess!

Oh,  and what in the world is up with the new blogger?!  It took me like an hour took get this dang post up.  Why does everything always have to change?  I don't have time to learn the new stuff!  :)

Here are a few pictures of Owen as he has grown.  Somehow they ended up not the same size.  No time to fix it.  But he is growing!  Love this smiley boy of mine...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

3.5 weeks

He's not crazy about these pictures. I think because he is cold...

getting bigger!

3 Weeks Old

Hanging out with sissy after church. This little boy is SO smiley. He doesn't respond to us and smile, he just is always cracking random smiles. Sooo cute.

Of course Quin was smothering him. She can't go without "petting" him for two seconds.

First Bath

Owie had his first bath around 2 and a half weeks. He didn't love it. Pretty much cried the whole time. But who can blame him I guess. It's cold to take baths in the winter time. He has gotten much better about the whole thing.

And some random shots of him in his nursery...

Thursday, December 08, 2011

More 2 weeks old pictures

I usually take lots of pictures on Sunday. We are all dressed, and we usually have a few extra minutes since church doesn't start until 1. This was Owens first day of church.

Owen with his Rino friend...

Quin had to jump in of course. She can't go more than 2 seconds without touching, "petting", or kissing little Owie.

And dressed in their Sunday best. I love these pictures. And these three little stinkers.

Quincey says "Mom, I just love Owen so much" at least 20 times a day. And Carson can't do anything, or go anywhere without giving Owie a hug and a kiss. He is well loved around here, and the kiddos are already talking about another one! Not any time soon. haha.

2 weeks old